Address Validation

Accurate Address Validation and Zip+4 Append

  • Correct ZIP® codes and add ZIP + 4®
  • Process National Change of Address (NCOALink®)
  • Correct undeliverable addresses
  • Reduce keystrokes by up to 60%

Accurate addresses are an integral component of effective Customer Data Management and Marketing.  The addressIT module for the matchIT suite and matchIT SQL corrects and standardizes addresses in line with USPS regulation, appends Zip+4 codes, ensures address validation for each individual delivery point (DPV), and provides real time NCOA processing – the ability to find new addresses for those who have moved.

A standardized address simply corrected for mistakes and omissions is not necessarily deliverable.  According to USPS statistics, 24% of the nearly 200 Billion pieces of mail the Postal Service handles each year have address inaccuracies.  The addressIT module can determine whether a particular address is known to the USPS as a valid point for mail delivery, giving you the confidence your data is accurate – not just "standardized".

The addressIT module for the matchIT suite or matchIT SQL now incorporates Move Update processing to allow you to link your data to the USPS database and return the new addresses for the individuals, families, and businesses that have moved. Move Update is a program initiated by the USPS as a means of correcting the huge problem of Undeliverable-as-Addressed mail, by linking your mailing address data back to the USPS postal database.

addressIT for findIT S2 references the USPS database to ensure that addresses are entered completely and accurately, and typically in only 12-15 keystrokes.

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