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Record Linking

Single Customer View

Data Matching

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Single customer view

Single Customer View

Establish and maintain an accurate and complete Single Customer View, including up-to-the-minute transactions

Record linking

Record Linking

Link customer records across systems to improve customer satisfaction and reveal cross-selling opportunities



Built for contact data, matchIT’s intelligent matching finds more true matches and less false matches than any other solution

Smarter matching for everyone

AI logic delivers greater accuracy in a fraction of the time of conventional fuzzy matching:

  • Proven to find many more accurate matches than competitors, due to its ability to match unstructured data and intelligent tolerance of wide variations in customer data.
  • Effective granular grading so you can confidently automate far more matches than other solutions – which miss many true matches lost among vast numbers of false matches.
  • In-memory deployments deliver incredible performance – a million records in 12 seconds, a billion in 15 minutes!

matchIT uses all the information provided to find matches and can figure out the most appropriate matching rules based on your data – this enables users of all skill levels to get actionable results. For example, it automatically matches using email and/or phone (if present), but allows for differing emails/phone numbers to have been used at different times.

Use it anywhere and everywhere

matchIT is available for integrated or standalone deployment – pre-built integrations for many data-handling products are available and integration into other solutions and platforms is quick and easy, supporting:

  • Distributed batch processing
  • Event stream processing
  • Real-time lookup
  • Data capture
  • On premise, cloud or hybrid

Need proof? See matchIT in action for yourself, on your own data, with our software-as-a-service deployment matchIT On Demand – try it today. No training, credit card, or experience needed: just upload your trial dataset, set the type of matching you want and get your sample results within minutes! If you want a more configurable on-premise solution, contact us.

Don’t just take our word for it

Read what some of our customers have to say:

“Without accurate, flexible and quick matching routines our single customer view, which is at the heart of our business decisions, simply would not exist. matchIT SQL not only provides the output we require, but its flexibility also means we could integrate the software into our existing data solution without the need for time-consuming and expensive redevelopment.”

Head of Customer InsightScotts & Co.Read the case study here

“We have seen a significant increase in accuracy and a reduction in false positives. In a typical data set, with user-inputted data, we will often see a match rate in excess of 90%, compared to 40-60% previously. This increase, when applied to our millions of rows of address data, is huge!”

IT Systems DevelopmentConnells GroupRead the case study here

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