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Covid 19: A message from Steve Tootill, CEO.


To our customers, partners, consultants, and staff


We are committed to fully supporting you all during these difficult times. As you would expect, we are able to carry on business as usual despite the lockdown, albeit with most of us working from home. We continue to monitor the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic and how it may affect our customers, our employees, our families, and our wider communities.

As our customers know, we’ve worked hard over the years to become a trusted partner to hundreds of companies worldwide and will continue providing you with the high level of service you expect – we know that now is when we must be at our best. Some of you have particular challenges at the moment, but getting support from us isn’t going to be one of those challenges.

Here are the key measures we currently have in place:

Our People

As a global software company, we’ve long embraced virtual capabilities and all of our teams are in constant touch with each other. We’ve made sure that all staff can work from home effectively and without any disruptions. Our UK and US offices remain open and are lightly manned in-line with local government recommendations.


To ensure the availability of essential services, we have had a comprehensive Business Continuity Plan in place for many years, which has guided us in taking appropriate measures now. We are monitoring this and will update as necessary as the situation progresses.

We’ve made sure that we can continue to provide reliable network and system performance in the event that any of our offices need to close. We’re communicating with our suppliers to understand their business continuity plans, with a focus on continuity of services and product availability.

Our Continued Customer Commitment

Access to accurate contact data you can trust at a time when you’re managing uncertainty and risk is essential. We are and will be, here to support your business.

  • Our support teams are working remotely, so should you find longer than usual waiting times on the phone, please email them and they will generally respond within the hour during the business day.
  • Our sales and account management teams are available for demos and discussions as usual.
  • Our large in-house development team in our UK office continues to develop exciting new products and functionality which will be released over the coming months.

We have experienced some illness amongst our technical staff over the last few weeks, thankfully not serious, but our staffing levels allow for a significant number to be off work at any one time without impacting our customers.

To close, I would like to pass my sincere best wishes to you and your families during this uncertain and testing time. We’re extremely grateful to our customers and remain committed to your success.


Steve Tootill

CEO helpIT systems/360Science