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Remembering the helpIT Legacy

Last Friday was the 65th anniversary of the first successful execution of the world’s first software program and it was
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6 Reasons Companies Ignore Data Quality Issues

When lean businesses encounter data quality issues, managers may be tempted to leverage existing CRM platforms or similar tools to
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Tamerlan Tsarnaev escaped monitoring due to simple misspelling?

Over the past several weeks in particular, there has been much discussion in our data quality community about the costs
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8 Ways to Save Your Data Quality Project

Let’s face it, if data quality were easy, everyone would have good data and it wouldn’t be such a hot
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What I Learned About Data Quality From Vacation

Over the 12 hours it took us to get from NY to the beaches of North Carolina, I had plenty
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The New Paradigm in Healthcare Data Quality

There is no higher importance in managing customer information than when making decisions on health care. While most markets are busy striving
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When Direct Marketing Fails…

As a Direct Marketer in a tough economy, you are constantly being asked to do more with less. Generate more
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The Cost of Addressing Data

In a recent article in Database Marketing, James Lawson discussed the ongoing debate of whether address data should be free.
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Click & Collect – How To Do It Successfully?

In the UK this Christmas, the most successful retailers have been those that sell online but allow collection by the
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When Charitable Donations Fall – Who’s to Blame?

I was listening to a program on BBC Radio 4 yesterday morning (You and Yours) about the difficulties that charities
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