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Weighing up the Cost of Bad Data

In a recent survey conducted by helpIT systems, almost 25 percent of respondents cited finances as the biggest hindrance to
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How Ashley Madison Can Inspire Your Business

As each new name and every illicit detail is revealed, the 37 million members of Ashley Madison, a website promoting
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Why Customers Must Be More Than Numbers

I read with some amazement a story in the London Daily Telegraph this week about a customer of NatWest Bank
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Who is the “Current Resident”, anyway?

Our CEO received an extremely heavy, expensive-looking catalog in the mail the other day, from an upmarket retailer and addressed
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Where Big Data, Contact Data and Data Quality come together

We’ve been working in an area of untapped potential for Big Data for the last couple of years, which can
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The 12 Days of Shopping

According to IBM’s real-time reporting unit, Black Friday online sales were up close to 20% this year over the same period in 2012.
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UK Regulatory Pressure to Contact Customers Increases

In recent weeks, UK government and financial services organisations have received increasing political and regulatory pressure to make greater efforts
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helpIT Feedback to Royal Mail PAF® Consultation

On 14 June 2013, Royal Mail launched a consultation on proposed changes to the Postcode Address File (PAF®) licensing scheme
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Remembering the helpIT Legacy

  Last Friday was the 65th anniversary of the first successful execution of the world’s first software program and it
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6 Reasons Companies Ignore Data Quality Issues

When lean businesses encounter data quality issues, managers may be tempted to leverage existing CRM platforms or similar tools to
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