matchIT Updates

What’s new in matchIT Data Quality Solutions? Autumn 2018

matchIT customers will know well that here at helpIT we are constantly taking our customers’ needs and feedback onboard to shape the regular updates and enhancements we offer on all matchIT Data Quality Solutions. Our software updates don’t just keep up with the changing landscape of the UK direct marketing industry, they include enhancements to usability – helping you to make the most of your time and get even more out of your data. We’ll be posting separately about GDPR changes to matchIT Web (fuzzy inquiry, duplicate prevention and address verification) and matchIT On Demand (our new cloud matching software-as-a-service), so here we’re updating you on the on-premise batch deployments of matchIT Data Quality Solutions.

matchIT SQL

We’ve been hard at work making further ease of use and functionality improvements to our SQL Server deployment since our last major update earlier this year. Here are some of the key changes to look out for:

  • Suppression:
    • Setting up jobs which include standard suppression (deceased, gone away and MPS) and change of address is now much easier, requiring less experience with SSIS to accomplish.
    • You can now run suppression tasks in parallel for simultaneous processing of a client file against multiple suppression files. On typical multi-core hardware, this will greatly increase your job throughput.
    • We’ve added further standard suppression files including NDR and Remover from the Ark.
  • Matching:
    • Performance improvements made to Group Matches when processing very large groups of matching pairs.
    • Improved performance when overlap matching a small set of data against a much larger universe.
  • Mailing:
    • A customisable pre-built package to make the automation of your mailing jobs significantly easier. Simply tell the package what settings you want to use and the package will do the rest (including matching, address verification, suppression and mail sortation).
  • Address verification:
    • Improved handling of foreign addresses when using UK address verification.
    • International address verification now offers the Canada Post SERP standard.

matchIT Hub

Our incredibly fast, cross-platform, database-independent API has come on leaps and bounds over the last year. Significant enhancements include:

  • Smart Matching allows users to simply specify the data layout and let matchIT Hub automatically work out the appropriate matching configuration. It will automatically match on name, company, address/postcode, phone number, email and date of birth if present, and can match on multiple levels simultaneously e.g. individual, family and household, or contact and company. The user can, of course, steer Smart Matching by specifying match levels, matching tightness and matching methods.
  • Dynamic Keys – in Lookup & Overlap modes, this option ensures that matchIT Hub only uses keys that are supported by the data supplied for matching. This greatly improves performance when performing lookups with limited data.
  • Handling of multiple names, addresses, emails and phone numbers etc. per record, as are commonly found in CRM and ERP systems – this includes custom fields e.g. credit card numbers.
  • Sophisticated, easily-configurable bridging prevention and post-processing of matches – this prevents records being matched or combined into groups when the use case dictates that they shouldn’t be.
  • Integration into the Alteryx data preparation tool – this is live for our US clients and will soon be available off-the-shelf for UK customers too. matchIT Hub is also available integrated into Talend and Pentaho – please contact us if you use any of these tools.
  • The Hub Service allows you to match multiple incoming files against a universe of data held in memory and also supports single record lookup.

matchIT Desktop

The latest version of the Desktop solution, version 6.1. includes a number of enhancements and updates to further refine the ease-of-use and capability which it is known for:

  • Improvements to make Filter and Index Order boxes in the Output Options screen more user friendly.
  • Provision for an option to include all Mailmark fields that Sort and Save produces.
  • Sort and Save Seeds functionality is now available and included in version 6.1.
  • General improvements to the Hosted Service suppression and enrichment interface.