Comprehensive Data Quality Solutions have been helpIT systems focus for over 20 years, and as a result we have forged a reputation as experts in the industry.

matchIT Data Quality services are tailored to your business, precisely when and where you need them most, enabling you to store and maintain accurate contact data.

Data Matching

What really sets our tools apart from simple deduplication software is helpIT systems’ outstanding customer service and matchIT’s ability to:

  • Link matching records so you can build an accurate Single Customer View
  • Find the most true matches with least false matches with Intelligent Fuzzy Matching
  • Work with Business and Consumer Data, with a proven global track record

Data Accuracy

matchIT Data Quality tools makes sure that your customer contact details are accurate and up-to-date using its intelligent logic to match your list internally or against outside lists to correct, append data or find overlap.

  • Correct and Verify addresses 
  • Add missing data including carrier route & delivery point codes
  • Standardise, Verify and Geocode address data for over 240 countries
Use data verification to verify customer contact data like address and email.

SQL Integration

matchIT SQL is the ideal complement for Business Intelligence, Data Governance and Master Data Management solutions built around SQL Server.

  • Integrated into Microsoft SQL Server for dedupe and matching across very large files or for single incoming records.
  • Enables real-time matching on streams of data matching to large files, so your Single Customer View is always up-to-date.
  • Proven, widely-used matching engine maximizes the proportion of matches that you can automate.
  • Filters new records to ensure that only good quality contact data is allowed to enter the database.


Use data matching to achieve single customer view and more targeted and personalised communication with your customers.
Integrated with Microsoft SQL servers to ensure your database stays clean with no duplicates.

From standalone software to integrated solutions tailored to your specific requirements,  matchIT Data Quality Solutions can be tailored to your business needs.

matchIT Data Quality Tools enable contact data matching, verification and enrichment, at the point in your data systems where you need it. Storing and maintaining accurate data is critical for all businesses. Our solutions offer unparalleled matching capabilities delivered with ease in a manner suited to your business and technical requirements.



Why Choose matchIT?

HelpIT systems.

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Some of the world's most respected companies trust helpIT

HelpIT is a leading provider of a data quality solutions for companies of all sizes.
  • Data Accuracy -  Address Verification, Change of Address, PAF, Email Address Verification
  • Data Matching - Single Customer View, Record Linking, Deduplication and more.


Have Questions? Get Answers.  |  +44 (0) 1372 225 900

Matching & Data Cleansing in Microsoft SQL Server

Multi-file Matching
Single Customer View
Global Address Verification
Suppression and NCOA
SSIS or Stored Procedures

Cross-Platform In-Memory Matching API

Unrivalled Performance
Unlimited Scalability
Batches or Single Records
Cloud or On Premise
Easy Integration

Data CLeansing Software on your Desktop

Multi-file Matching
UK Address Verification
Suppression & NCOA
Wizards or Automated

Point-of-Capture Data Quality and GDPR support

Duplicate Prevention
Global Address Verification
Fuzzy Match Lookup
Subject Access Requests
Right to be Forgotten
Data Entry Firewall

Self-Service Data Matching Online

Easy to Use Self-Service
Single-file Deduplication
List Matching
No Software Download
Up to a Million Records
Pay As You Go / Subscribe

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“Without accurate, flexible and quick matching routines our single customer view, which is at the heart of our business decisions, simply would not exist. matchIT not only provides the output we require, but its flexibility also means we could integrate the software into our existing data solution without the need for time-consuming and expensive redevelopment.”

Head of Customer Insight
Major Online Retailer

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