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Founded in 1991


For 25 years helpIT has been working with companies all over the world to achieve ambitious and valuable data quality initiatives, such as the Single Customer View. We work with over 2,000 companies on five continents and have earned ourselves the reputation as 'data quality experts' amongst our customers. 

What customers say about us

When it comes to professionalism, accuracy and dependability we couldn't speak more highly of the technology, support and backup helpIT have provided.

Rob, Cloud & Managed Services. Logicalis 

By identifying duplicates and merging records, we get a much more accurate picture of the value of each customer relationship.  

David, VP of IT, MS Society

A successful data warehouse requires effective deduping. Without your product, we could not have delivered a quality solution.

IT Director. George Mason University

Cleaner Data. Better Decisions.

What is a Single Customer View?

The Single Customer View is the combined, consistent and complete representation of the data held and known by an organisation about its individual and prospective customers. 

Achieving a Single Customer View unlocks a number of valuable benefits to the business organisation, such as:

  • Better understanding of your customers 
  • Improved segmentation and targeting opportunities
  • Analysis of past and future behaviours
  • Reduce wasted marketing resources and improve response rates
  • Improved credibility and customer relationships
The value in achieving a Single Customer View is quite clear, but do you know where to start? Matching existing records and removing duplicate records from CRM or database is certainly one place to start, but depending on your circumstances this may be only one piece of the puzzle. 
Attaining and maintaining your data quality goals requires a comprehensive data quality strategy, addressing various weaknesses in your data input, storage and maintenance


Create A Unified View Today

How To Achieve a Single Customer View

Find out more about your customers and identify new opportunities

Intelligent Data Quality where you need it 

At Point of Entry

  • Prevent Duplicates
  • Screen against existing records
  • Intelligent Fuzzy lookup

In Your Existing Contact Database

  • Match and Remove Duplicates
  • Screen incoming data against existing records
  • Automate jobs with greater accuracy
  • Enhance your data with 3rd party information

Platform Independent

  • Connect any database (CRM, ERP, etc)
  • Unparalleled matching speed

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Tel: +44 (0) 1372 225 900


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