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matchIT Desktop brings you matching, merge/purge for multiple files, Mailsort, address verification, suppression, and data enhancement - all on your desktop computer.

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Better Response Rates

Remove incorrect addresses, duplicate records and home movers from your data

Improved Targeting

Gain better customer insight by identifying your best customers and cross-selling opportunities

Save Time & Money

Automate regular jobs and save on mailing with Mailsort and Downstream Access sortation

"We've been refining the engine behind our matchIT Data Quality Solutions for 25 years and I'm extremely proud of our reputation among our customers as the matching experts"


Steve Tootill

Founder of helpIT systems

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It's Your Customer & Prospect Data.
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  • Deduplication and Merge/Purge across multiple files
  • International Address Validation (over 240 countries)
  • Suppression of Deceased & Goneaway names
  • Preference Screening of MPS, TPS & CTPS
  • Comprehensive Mailsort incl. Royal Mail & DSA
  • Data Enrichment for business and consumer data

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